Why Gen Ed?

The concept of General Education—often known as a liberal arts education—has its roots in the Renaissance of the fifteenth century.  As the result of economic and political changes, residents of Italian city states came to believe that education in a broad range of subjects was necessary to equip citizens with the skills and knowledge they needed to be an active and responsible member of society.  Today, the topics included in the General Education curriculum have changed, but the ideals have not.  Part of what it means to have a college education is that undergraduate students, regardless of their majors, will have acquired the skills and knowledge to be informed citizens; citizens who are equipped to act thoughtfully in society, to make critical judgments, and to enjoy a life dedicated to learning and the pleasures of intellectual and artistic pursuits.

As the Dean of University College and Director of the General Education Program at UNC Charlotte, I appreciate your interest in this important part of your undergraduate education.  On the pages in this site you will find:

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