IV. Critical Thinking and Communication(0-3 hours)


Critical thinking and communication skills are recognized as core competencies for students earning a baccalaureate degree, regardless of major.   While students continue to develop these skills in advanced courses in their major, the general education program provides an important foundation. 

Each student must take ONE general education course that carries the Critical Thinking and Communication (CTC) attribute.  

  • MOST students will meet this requirement by selecting LBST 2301 as one of their 2000-level LBST options.  LBST 2301 is the only course offered at UNC Charlotte that carries the CTC attribute.  Students will choose this course and any two of the other 2000-level LBST options.
  • SOME transfer students may have taken courses at a previous institution that satisfy this requirement.   This transfer equivalency is shown on the advising transcript and the Degree Works audit. (Students may consult an advisor if in doubt but the Degree Works audit is definitive.)  Students with transfer credit for this requirement WILL NOT take LBST 2301.

Course descriptions may be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.