I. Development of Fundamental Skills of Inquiry (9-10 hours)

Writing and Inquiry

Students take one course, UWRT 1103 (3 credits) or UWRT 1104 (4 credits).  Most students will take UWRT 1104.  Eligibility for placement into UWRT 1103 is determined by a student’s prior academic record. After completing these courses students are expected to be able to write clearly and concisely in standard English and to be generally prepared to do college-level writing and research. Transfer students may have credit for other UWRT courses that will satisfy this requirement.


Mathematical and Logical Reasoning

One three-credit course in mathematics (MATH) and a second three-credit course selected from mathematics (MATH), statistics (STAT), or deductive logic (PHIL 2105) are required.  Most undergraduates at UNC Charlotte major in programs that require mathematics or statistics as related work.  For these students, the related mathematics requirements determine the courses taken to meet the General Education requirement.

Basic Skills of Information Technology

Incoming students are expected to have already developed the basic computer skills necessary to use word processing software, email, and the internet.  By the end of their first year at UNC Charlotte, students are expected to have developed the basic skills necessary to find and evaluate information from the internet and bibliographic and database sources in Atkins Library.  These skills are developed in UWRT 1103 or UWRT 1104, and help with bibliographical and database search skills is available in the information commons of the Library.  

Course descriptions may be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.