III. Themes of Liberal Education for Private & Public Life (12 hours)

The UNC Charlotte faculty has developed a set of Liberal Studies (LBST) courses dedicated exclusively to General Education that address core areas of knowledge and critical competencies. Despite the fact that topics vary, and courses are offered from various departments, LBST courses may not be repeated for credit.

Each student must take a total of four (4) LBST courses 

theatre makeupOne 1000-level LBST course in Arts and Society (LBST 110X)

Art is indispensable to the structure and fabric of all societies, and each course examines this fundamental connection from the perspective a specific art form. Selected from:

  • LBST 1101 The Arts and Society: Dance
  • LBST 1102 The Arts and Society: Film
  • LBST 1103 The Arts and Society: Music
  • LBST 1104 The Arts and Society: Theater
  • LBST 1105 The Arts and Society: Visual Arts

Three 2000-level courses chosen from the following

  • LBST 2101 -- Western Cultural and Historical Awareness

Each section of this course examines a major aspect of Western culture through the process of analyzing the present in terms of the past.

  • LBST 2102 -- Global and Intercultural Connections

All liberally educated people need to have the ability to understand the world from the point of view of more than one culture and be able to analyze issues from a global perspective.

  • LBST 221X -- Ethical Issues and Cultural Critique

Each of these courses deals with an important contemporary issue, and each one gives significant attention to ethical analysis and cultural critique in the liberal arts. Selected from:

  • LBST 2211  Ethical Issues in Personal, Professional, and Public Life
  • LBST 2212  Literature and Culture
  • LBST 2213  Science, Technology, and Society
  • LBST 2214  Issues of Health and Quality of Life
  • LBST 2215  Citizenship (3)
  • LBST 2301 – Critical Thinking and Communication

Each section of this course will continue to develop critical thinking and communication competencies begun in UWRT 1103 or UWRT 1104.  Topics vary between sections.

Course descriptions may be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.