Students Admitted Before Fall 2003

Students admitted to UNC Charlotte before Fall 2003 fall under the old general education program that was in place at the time often known by the acronym of COGE. The general education requirements for such students are clearly outlined starting on page 35 of the 2001-2003 Undergraduate Catalog under "Goals of UNC Charlotte General Education, General Education Requirements and Approved Courses."

Students who entered UNC Charlotte prior to Fall 2003 may request to switch to the new program if they so desire. Students should contact their Academic Advisor if they would like to switch to the new program.

Courses meeting the requirements of the older COGE general education program are still being taught. In particular, students under these requirements should note that although the Liberal Studies courses are designed specifically for the New General Education Program, these courses may also be used to satisfy some of the goals associated with the old General Education Program (COGE). For this reason, students who are under the old General Education requirements may wish to take one or more of these Liberal Studies courses. The letters associated with COGE goals are placed within parentheses at the end of the Liberal Studies course titles.