Common Reading Experience

The PostmortalThe Postmortal by Drew Magary has been selected as UNC Charlotte’s Common Reading text for Fall 2015.  The Common Reading Experience selection committee, chaired by Dr. Gregory Weeks, is excited to engage our campus in the question, “If someone offered you a cure for aging, would you take it?” Written as a series of blog posts beginning in the year 2019, this science fiction story imagines a world where immortality becomes possible, but questions - at what cost? While following the life of John Farrell, readers are drawn into considering the implications of “the cure” for overpopulation and the environment; interpersonal relationships; the roles of government and media; and our ethical and moral codes.  Books are available in the campus bookstore

The Common Reading Experience at UNC Charlotte is designed to provide a shared academic experience which serves to assist all first-year students in their transition to UNC Charlotte. This program offers unique opportunities for self-reflection, critical thinking, student interaction, and understanding of diverse perspectives. Adoption of the common reading is especially encouraged in first year seminars, first year writing, and general education courses, though any faculty interested in using the text in their teaching is welcome.                               

Note to Faculty:  If you are interested in considering this text for adoption in your Fall 2015 courses, please contact Carla Eastis at so we can send you a review copy of the book and include you on announcements related to our instructors workshop, the author visit, and other campus events of the Common Reading Experience.  Email your name, department, the course(s) you are considering using the book in, and anticipated enrollment numbers.  You should also submit the book to the campus bookstore as a required text for any course in which you will be using the selection.  Drew Magary’s campus visit is planned for October 15, 2015.               

Former Common Reading Experience Selections