University College / College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (UCLAS) Learning Community

The UCLAS learning community is for first year students LIKE YOU to help you MEET OTHERS, GROW, & SUCCEED!!

What is UCLAS?

A first-year program to aid in the successful transition from high school to the university setting. We welcome residential students, who will live on campus together in Lynch Hall, as well as commuter students.

Who is Eligible?

Students with majors in:

Why Join?

  • Build friendships
  • Get to know your faculty & advisors
  • Take common courses & study with classmates
  • Connect outside of the classroom through fun activities
  • Explore interests, majors, and careers
  • Residential Students live together in Lynch Hall with other UCLAS students
  • Commuters are in a section of UCOL 1200 with other commuters in UCLAS

On average, students in UCLAS earn higher grade point averages, earn more credit hours, and have a higher ratio of earned vs. attempted hours.

Ready to Join?

Go to the Learning Communities website and APPLY TODAY!