Freshman Seminars

UNC Charlotte offers two different kinds of freshman seminar courses specifically designed to help students make the transition to a college learning environment.

UCOL 1200 (Freshman Seminar ) is a course that takes the transition experience as its primary focus. Instructors for these courses are members of the university community who have significant experience in working with new students. These courses are typically on a certain theme, so you should make sure it is on a topic that is of interest to you.

How to Join

To register for UCOL 1200, talk with your advisor when you are on campus for your SOAR visit during the summer. He or she can help you pick the right seminar to take and assist with registration. Please note that some sections of Freshman Seminar that you see in the schedule are reserved for students taking the Enhanced Learning courses or for Learning Communities.

UCOL 1200 may be used to satisfy the Prospect for Success course or it may be taken as part of a Learning Community.