General Education FAQs


Can I take General Education classes elsewhere and transfer them to UNC Charlotte?

Ideally, students admitted to UNC Charlotte should complete their program of study, including General Education, at UNC Charlotte. However, there are circumstances in which students do take classes elsewhere.  In order to get credit for such classes, you must complete a Transient Study form, getting approval from all departments for the courses for which you are seeking credit. When completed, the form goes to your college office for final approval.

Who can advise me on my General Education requirements?

Your regular advisor should be able to assist you in making course selections within the General Education program. Additional advising specific to General Education is also available in the University Advising Center (Colvard 2200) and from advising offices in the colleges.


I took an Environmental Science course at my previous institution and I think it should count towards my lab science requirement. [OR any other similar question about transfer equivalency]

Students who wish to appeal the evaluation of a transfer course for the purposes of the General Education requirements will need to submit a Transfer Credit Reevaluation Form. (Copies of the form are available online, in the University Advising Center in Colvard 2200, and in College advising offices.) Students must attach documentation—a catalog course description or, in some cases, a syllabus—with their request.

I took a course that had a lot of writing in it; is it possible to have that course counted towards my W goal?

For courses taken at UNC Charlotte, this is not possible except in the rare instances where departments have made an error in course scheduling or the instructor misinformed students about the nature of the course. Both of these require documentation and the recommendation of the instructor and department. In the case of transfer classes, students will need to demonstrate that writing -– including the revision process -- was an integral, ongoing part of the course activity and formed a significant element in the final course grade. For details, see the Transfer Credit Guidelines for (O) and (W) classes. Generally, this determination will require that you submit a syllabus from the class with your Transfer Credit Revaluation Request.

Is it possible to get substitutions or waivers made to General Education requirements?

In general, no. The General Education requirements are meant to cover the essential areas of the liberal arts education and substitutions would, therefore, undermine the program’s coherence. The following headings outline the general policies that are followed in handling these questions and some specific examples follow. Students are advised to consult with an advisor before submitting any request since the advisor will be able to assist you in determining what requests are viable.

Substitutions:  It is not permitted to substitute a course taken at UNC Charlotte for a General Education requirement that you are missing.

Retroactive Approval:  As a rule, courses must be approved to satisfy a General Education requirement in advance.  Retroactive approval is made in rare circumstances, generally as a result of a departmental scheduling error.  Requests for a retroactive approval must be made using an Academic Petition.

Waivers:  Waivers of General Education requirements are rare.  Students must make a convincing case as to why a waiver should be granted and provide documentation and endorsements from instructor, advisor, department, and college supporting that request.  For example, a waiver may be granted in cases where a student was given incorrect information about General Education requirements by an instructor or advisor.  Requests for waivers to General Education requirements must be made using an Academic Petition.

Transfer Credit:  Students with transfer credit may request a review of the course equivalencies given by Admissions for the purpose of meeting a General Education requirement.  Students will need to submit a Transfer Credit Reevaluation Form. (Copies of the form are available online, in the University Advising Center in Colvard 2200, and in College advising offices.) Students must attach documentation—a catalog course description or in some cases a syllabus—with their request.

Old General Education

I was readmitted to the University under the "Two-Year Rule." Which General Education Program applies to me?

Readmits who have been gone more than two years return to the University under the new catalog, which means that they will be expected to meet the requirements associated with the new General Education program. However, such students may revert back to the old General Education program by completing an Academic Petition.

Where can I find information about the old General Education Program?

The General Education requirements for any student enrolled before Summer 2017 are clearly outlined in the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog under Goals of UNC Charlotte General Education, General Education Requirements and Approved Courses.