Exemptions and Transfer Credit


Some transfer students are exempt from the lower division General Education requirements. The following groups of transfer students who enter the University in the Fall of 2003 or thereafter will have met the University's lower division general education requirements:

  • Students with AA, AS, or AFA degrees from a North Carolina Community College and students whose Associates Degree from another institution meets UNC Charlotte expectations
  • Students with AAS degrees in a transferable or 2 + 2 program (Note: Students MUST major in the program in which their AAS degree is transferable. If students change major, then they will lose the exemption benefit.)
  • Students who have met the academic core of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement from a North Carolina community college

All of these exemptions ONLY apply to lower-division General Education requirements. All students, regardless of transfer status will still have to take a writing in the discipline course in their major and foreign language classes if required in their major.

Transfer Credit

Students admitted with transfer credit from 4-year and/or 2-year institutions but without a formal degree will have those courses evaluated and applied to the UNC Charlotte General Education Requirements on a course-by-course basis. In some instances courses transfer in as a specific class that meets a UNC Charlotte requirement. In other cases students will get an exemption from the General Education requirement by virtue of a class they have taken, but they will also receive credit for that class. Students who wish to appeal the evaluation of a transfer course for the purposes of the General Education Requirements will need to submit a Transfer Credit Reevaluation Form. (Copies of the form are also available in the University Advising Center in Colvard 2200 and in College advising offices.) Students must attach documentation—a catalog course description or in some cases a syllabus—with their request.