Learning Communities

Learning Communities are designed around a particular academic program or theme.  Students in a Learning Community typically take 2-4 classes together during both the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year. At UNC Charlotte, many Learning Communities are also residential, meaning that students in the community will live in the same set of suites in one of the residence halls and may even have classes and other meetings in their residence hall.  Even those Learning Communities that are not residential will have some common activities so students can get to know each other outside of a class setting.  Because of the coordinated curriculum and out-of-class activities, Learning Communities are a great way to get yourself plugged into the university, a group of friends, and a program.

There are lots of Learning Community options available to students. Please see the Learning Communities webpages for detailed information on these Learning Communities and the application process.

Learning Communities Open to University College Students

How to Join

You need to apply to join a learning community and, in most cases, should do so BEFORE you visit campus for SOAR during the summer.