Information and Initiatives for Transfer Students

University College helps coordinate some programs that are specific to transfer students, particularly those in their first year at UNC Charlotte. As a transfer student you may face some challenging adjustment issues different from those of a traditional entering freshman. Concerns about transfer credits, different policies and procedures than previous institutions, timeline to graduation, getting involved on campus, and making new social connections are some of the issues facing new transfer students.  University College can help students ease the transition to UNC Charlotte by providing resources and making referrals that will save time and prevent confusion. Feel free to make University College and the University Advising Center your primary resource for overcoming the shock of being a transfer student entering a new school. We are glad you are here.

Probably the most important resource to help you navigate the system at UNC Charlotte is your academic advisor.  For all University College Students (UCOL), the academic advisor will be someone in the University Advising Center. If you have declared a major, you probably need to meet both with a faculty advisor in your major department AND an advisor in your college. The reason is that students with transfer credits need to make sure that they get all the credit they deserve, and each of these advisors will have a particular perspective on how your credits can be applied to degree completion.  College advising center advisors are generalists who have extensive knowledge of general university policies and procedures, and are familiar with the many resources to help transfer students achieve their academic goals and become an engaged student at UNC Charlotte.


Be sure to attend a Transfer SOAR session before starting your journey at UNC Charlotte. While you might feel as if you know your way around a university, the Transfer SOAR experience is specifically designed to get your questions answered to make the transition as seamless as possible. Transfer SOAR will provide you with the orientation you need to become an informed new student at UNC Charlotte.

Learning Community

The University College Transfer Students Learning Community facilitates the academic transition and social engagement of new Transfer Students to UNC Charlotte.  This is an annual residential learning community designed to help reduce stressors in the transfer experience (Transfer Shock).   For details and to apply, visit the University College Transfer Students Learning Community webpage. 

Transfer Seminar

There is an opportunity for transfer students to earn credit for a course to further ease the transition to UNC Charlotte beyond the assistance of University College and SOAR.  Transfer Seminar is a full three credit hour graded course that satisfies one requirement for communication skills of the General Education curriculum.  There are three sections of UCOL (Transfer Seminar) offered. 

UCOL 1011 (Transfer Seminar) is designed to assist with the intellectual and social transition to UNC Charlotte for transfer students by increasing the involvement of students in intellectual life of the campus; providing an orientation to resources available to students; and promoting problem solving and oral communication skills.  This course satisfies the oral communications requirement for General Education. Look for specific sections and descriptions of each on in the class schedule.